Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tush Talk

Most of us are riding away from a pain in the ass... To have one on the ride makes no sense to me.

After trying several different saddles to alleviate my discomfort, I found the Selle Italia Anatomica. I read through the website, I scoured the reviews. It all seemed reasonable. I pulled the trigger and bought one.

My first ride on this saddle, I wasn’t aware of the saddle. WASN’T AWARE OF THE SADDLE?! RIght! From the very first ride this saddle has been a non issue. No pain, no problems, no notice. Each side of the saddle moves independantly from the other. As nice an ass as you may think you have, it’s not symetrical. When you pedal, one sit bone may piston down further than the other one. The Anatomica moves right along with those sit bones. It acts like a hammock. No pressure points. It has a tension screw which will stretch the leather. I adjust this saddle tension, based on the ride I’m about to embark on. Hammerfest with the douchebags from the shop? Tighten it up. Longer base mile ride or meander, loosen it for more comfort. OK? Enough tush talk. When you've read the whole blog, then go click the link on the sidebar.


  1. Hmmm.
    Now that's something I'm interested in. I do ride with a pain in the ass too many times...

  2. UPDATE: I've got just under 4,200 miles on this seat now. Absolutely delightful! NEVER EVER had one problem! I love it!


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