Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's in the bag

Knowing the various problems that may occur on a bike ride, I can’t imagine traveling any lighter.

The obvious is an extra tire tube. I carry two; both individually vacuum sealed in sandwich bags. A patch kit and tire irons fall into the obvious category as well.

A Blackburn canister inflator with one cartidge installed BACKWARDS for storage saves space. If you’ve seen me use one of these things, then you know why I also carry two more cartridges...

On the subject of flat tires; I cut sections of old tire tube to use when “booting” a bad gash. I prefer this more durable method than the folded dollar bill. You see, the dollar fluctuates too much to be reliable...

I do , however, leave a few buck-a-roos in the bag for emergencies as well as a Presta -Schraeder valve adaptor to allow gas stations to serve as air stops (be careful of pressure).

A handful of cable ties and an assortment of hex wrenches round out the stuff that is ALWAYS in the bag.

On longer rides I’ll include a fully charged cell phone and a few snacks for refueling.

Reduce this array of stuff and you’re sure to be inconvenienced or forced to do the walk of shame.

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