Saturday, November 14, 2009

To see or not to see

Early spring, early morning
I’m pedaling through sweet air, and
SPLAT! a fucking bug flys right into my ey-!

You need to wear glasses when riding a bike.
My question is why must I spend $80.00 for “cycling” glasses?

I went to the Home Depot and picked a really cool pair of SAFETY GLASSES. They’re safety glasses, for crying out loud! Seems perfect for cycling! $8.00! And I think they look as good as the fancy ones. Even better when you think 80/8!

One thing I noticed– darker lens sunglasses must come off at dusk, then what? These lighter lenses serve double duty for daylight and dusklight. I was using a pair of yellow lenses, like shooting glasses. That’s a real trip! The yellow causes your brain to become more alert, more clarity in quick descision making and the reactions of a ninja.

Anyway, my son needed a pair, loved ‘em and well you know about when your child wants something....


  1. Oh yeah!!!
    I know what you mean by paying $80 for a pair of glasses... I did that...
    Not that I don't like them (came with 3 pair of lenses) but paying too much for something that hasn't an Intel Processor is just silly.

    Too bad we don't have Home Depot here. However I should look in DIY stores.


  2. Constantin- I've not had a problem with these "landscaper's safety glasses." They are comfortable, crisp and clear, easily cleaned. I am on my second season with this pair. No problems!


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