Thursday, October 1, 2009

Damn ebay!

The new Schwinn Super Sport was fine. I was rollin along, rackin up the miles as the months rolled by. Then one morning I returned from a ride and noticed my toes, rather the fact that I didn't feel my toes...winter was setting in.

Off to Diamond Cycle I went to buy a trainer. Again, I was very excited and had visions of grandeur pedaling and sweating and pushing to the limit on my trainer in my garage. You know, spring races are won here in the winter garage... I was to be a quite formidable force just like CLUBBER LANG...

Well, I gotta tell ya, riding a trainer in the garage in front of Good Morning America is awful! I decided to do interval sprints during TV commercials. Problem was there are way too many commercials in a row and I damn near died a pedalin fools death!

Still feeling like Superman and reading all the cycling magazines in the bathroom, I got the bug for a "real road bike." If you remember, I mentioned 5 kids, 4 dogs and all that? No new road bike for me, but wait! Why not a used bike!? Sure, they're all quite cared for and imagine how fast I could go! I just gotta get in the drops!....

Enter EBay. The magazines in the bathroom were replaced by a hand carried laptop, propped carefully on the wastebasket as I searched and reviewed, watched and bid. All winter... it's surprising I didn't drop my bowels...

Then one night, late in February; a new listing came in. Had all the credentials, fair price and not much action. I bid. I won. I shall fly.

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