Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coast the Coast MS Ride 2010

My first organized bicycle ride, en masse, was this past Saturday, May 22, 2010. The Multiple Sclerosis Society's Annual New Jersey Coast the Coast Ride took us through the most beautiful neighborhoods along the shore coastline from Monmouth University in Long Branch, through Asbury Park, down to Brielle, where, after a brief rest, we doubled back for a total of just about 50 miles.

The organizers had every busy intersection manned with local police officers and each turn and stop street was under the direction of a volunteer or two. Imagine riding for a few hours without having to stop for traffic! Imagine not only being noticed by motorists, but actually having the complete right of way! A carefree, stress-less afternoon on a bicycle!

In addition to enjoying the ocean views, the pristine summer homes and shanty shore towns, I was most interested in the diverse collection of bicycles and rider styles I observed within our ranks. Some bikes; the epitome of design and function, I marveled at, and some I just shook my head and thought [what are they thinking?]... creeky wheels, rusty chains; a wobbling cacophony of determination and innocence. No matter, we were all smiling with common cause; to raise money while riding our bikes. The MS volunteers; all accommodating. The riders; excited and thankful. The police support; respected and welcomed. The towns people, supporting us, most times with just a simple nod. The way it all worked as planned. It was a good feeling all day.

My daughter, Amanda (23), my son, Andrew (15) and I, true roadies, were joined up with Team Buttocks, a 10 year team headed up by my sister-in-law, Julie. Know this; she has a big heart.
All Julie wanted was for all of her teammates to enjoy themselves throughout the day. And we did. It was perfect.

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  1. I'm a new reader to your blog, but have loved the few articles that I've read here today. Good stuff!


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