Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lance at my side

Thanksgiving weekend had come to an end. The house was back in order, the guests all gone home. Before we headed north and back to reality, I grabbed my bike for one last ride in Island Beach State Park. I knew the Park would be completely empty of people and cars. One of those rides right down the middle on the yellow line! My luck, a head wind, but no matter, the sky was big and blue.

So I'm starting out slow, warming up, digging the solitude when at about two miles in, somebody rolls up alongside me and it's Lance Armstrong! He's all alone! He asks, in an oh so polite humble manner, if I wouldn't mind him riding with me! I was so startled, shocked and confused, I couldn't utter a word!

So I'm regaining composure, smoothing out my pedal stroke, conscious of my every technical move! I mean, holy crap! Lance Armstrong is watching me ride! WTF!

I noticed how calm and unassuming he was and it helped me settle down and we did have an absolutely wonderful ride, talking about bikes and rides and family and jobs and the economy and all the stuff you'd discuss with a regular old buddy! He rode a wheelie, so I did a bunny hop. He laughed, I laughed, we were pals!

Before I knew it, the ride was at it's end and it made me realize yet one more reason why I ride a bike the way I do; the day dreams.

The day dreams are so vivid and rich with detail.

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  1. Wow! Incredible!
    Where do you live?

    The day dreaming is indeed one of the reasons why I like to cycle but just didn't know that. :-)
    Thanks for revealing it to me.

    I love it when I meet "legendary people" only to find out they are as human as I am which makes me love them even more. It happen to me with rock climbing athletes.


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